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Extending the Lifespan of Your Pool

Having a pool is a great time. You can host parties, watch your children have a blast swimming in the backyard, and enjoy a few relaxing evenings with your spouse. Unfortunately, like all things, pools eventually start to decay and breakdown. Before that happens, there are a few things that you can do to keep your pool living longer. At Mt. Lake Pool & Patio, we want to help you enjoy your pool for as long as possible. Here are a few tips on how to prolong the lifespan of your pool.

1. Keep Pool Chemistry Correct

Regular pool maintenance requires you to stay on top of the pool water chemistry and whether or not chemicals are needed. Sometimes the pH can raise or lower and sometimes algae can form. It’s important to know what chemicals to add. Your first course of action is to get your water tested. You can purchase an at-home test kit, as well as bring a sample into our store to be tested at no charge. Once you know the current state of your pool water, you can then begin to take action on keeping it well balanced. We recommend testing the water at least once a week to maintain a balanced pH.

2. Use Winter Covers

Being on the east coast, we can experience harsh winters and irregular weather patterns. Even more, there are a lot of wooded areas that can lead to a buildup of leaves and other debris in the pool. Using a winter cover is the best course of action to keep your pool safe. A winter cover can also prevent people and animals from falling in. The two most popular types of covers are mesh and solid. Consult your local pool professional to find out the best option for you and your pool.

3. Regular Maintenance

There are some vital pieces of equipment involved in running your pool. If you’re unsure of how to manage pool equipment or water chemistry, we recommend scheduling weekly or bi-weekly maintenance during pool season. The best way to keep it running efficiently is to have our company perform regular pool maintenance in Doylestown, PA. We will check water chemistry, clean the pool if needed, add chemicals if needed, and make sure the pool is running properly.

Keep Your Pool Running for Years

Take care of your pool. By following these tips, you can help your pool remain in good condition. Contact us today for more tips on how to preserve the lifespan of your pool. We can also help you find the right preservation supplies.