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when to reopen a closed pool

When winter is near its chilly end, it can be tempting to want to take the cover off of your swimming pool. While there’s no exact date when it comes to the best time to re-open your pool after the winter season, it’s best to wait until the temperatures in your area are at least 50 degrees or above. Whether your pool is heated or unheated, this is the optimal time for preparing your pool for the fun-filled days ahead.

As springtime approaches, you can get ready for the maintenance you’ll need to do when you open your swimming pool for the season. You’ll want to start preparing your pool for use at least three weeks in advance of the swim season. If you plan on doing the opening maintenance yourself, then you’ll need safety goggles, a start-up chemical kit, a skimmer net or soft broom, test strips, cover cleaner and a pool brush.

Cleaning off your pool cover with the soft broom to remove debris is your first order of business. This is the time to inspect and clean the cover to store it. Opening your pool after the winter can be a lengthy process, so you might want to consider hiring a professional pool maintenance service to help. This will ensure that the entire process from beginning to end is done properly so that your pool is in perfect condition for the summer season! Our team is ready to help you with all your swimming pool maintenance in Bucks County, so call us today.

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