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If you’re looking to increase the value of your home, adding a pool is one way to do so. However, there are only a few instances in which adding a pool will help.

1) You should live in a neighborhood where most of your neighbors have one. Experts argue that by not having a pool, it will make your house harder to sell. A lot of people consider a pool to be a sign of stature and luxury, even if you do not use it.

2) If you live in Florida or other similar climates and have a pool, that will add value to your home. Florida and Hawaii are two great locations to make the top of the list. Tropical and subtropical climates are the gateway to paradise. Location is a key factor here.

3) If you have a big yard that will have plenty of room leftover after installing your pool, experts argue that is another good sign to install a pool.

The Return?

Some properties will increase as much as 7%.

Some Other Factors to Look At

1) The style of the pool is a determining factor, too. Outdoor or indoor pools that fit the style and overall feel of the home and neighborhood are more likely to increase the value.

2) How well-maintained the pool is has a large impact on price. Well-maintained pools add more value to the home, especially if the pool is less than 20 years old. Mt Lake Pool & Patio offers the best pool maintenance in Montgomery County, PA.

3) The right buyer has everything to do with the value. Young families might not like it due to safety issues. Older men and women might, especially when it is just them.