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Pool Closing Services

Autumn has arrived, which means it’s time to cover up your pool for the colder days ahead. This is the time of year to get your pool ready for the winter months. When this is done properly, it can save you money and time. It also makes things easier when you’re ready to use the pool when summer comes around again.

Clean Pool

It is essential to remove all debris from the pool. The pool’s filters, pump basket, and skimmer should also be cleaned. Should anything be left that can sink to the bottom, it could result in a stain at the bottom of the pool.

Check Equipment

Making sure the pump and other equipment works correctly will help the pool winterization goes smoothly.

Filter Backwash

The filter will need to have contaminants cleaned from it. This will require the filter grids to be removed and washed.

Balance the Water

Everything in a pool will work more efficiently when the water has been properly balanced. This is the most effective way to prevent an outbreak of algae. Doing this also makes it possible for the pool’s equipment to last longer. There are products available to help a person shock their pool. They are designed to be easy to use for treating and shocking a pool as well as meeting chlorine demands to address algae problems.

Phosphate Remover

It is also essential to add phosphate remover to a pool. A pool may not have any problems with algae. Even in this case, it is best to add a phosphate remover. This is designed to remove the food source for algae.

Pool Shouldn’t Be Emptied

It is essential that a pool is not emptied.

Pool Cover

This is the time to use a pool cover. If you don’t have one, you should invest in one. A pool cover can protect the pool from debris as well as the elements.

Continue Maintenance

Every two weeks the water filter gauge and the water chemistry should be checked until the pool is properly winterized.

The process of preparing a pool for winter is not complicated and it’s an effective way to extend the life of a pool.

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