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Outdoor FurnitureOnce the hot weather hits, pool owners sure are glad to have something to keep them cool! Sometimes being a pool owner isn’t so glamorous and it can be a lot of work keeping things running properly and looking crystal clear. Here are some tips that will not only keep your pool looking beautiful but make your pool ownership all the more worth it!

1. Test Your Water
Regularly testing the water is a great way to ensure your pool water levels are balanced throughout the summer. Extreme heat, humidity, and rain can cause algae to grow in your pool. Get a test kit of your own or simply bring in a sample of water to Mt. Lake for a free water test! This way, you can catch any minor changes before they turn into bigger ones throughout your pool season.

2. Brush and Vacuum
There is no need to brush and vacuum every day. Brushing and vacuuming on an as-needed basis is perfectly fine to maintain a clear and properly cleaned pool throughout the summer season. Make an effort to do these two tasks once a week. If you find the pool looks great and it doesn’t need it, push it to every 10 days. Even better, get yourself a Polaris pool vacuum to help make the job even easier! Either way, maintaining some sort of schedule is better than putting it off and letting the pool get out of control with debris.

3. Empty Baskets
Emptying baskets might seem like a minor detail, but this is a simple task that can be performed a few times a week or weekly depending on your pool. The baskets are there to catch anything that enters the pool that shouldn’t be there! So, make sure you keep them clean and ready to catch more debris or little creatures that can fall in throughout the summertime weeks.

4. Water Level
How much water is in your pool can directly impact how effectively your pool filter works. If the water level falls below the filter, there isn’t enough water in the pool. Your filter will not be able to clean your water if it isn’t high enough to run through the filter. The same goes for the opposite. If the pool water is too high and is completely submerging your filter in water, it will also fail to do its job efficiently. You can fix the water level of your pool by either filling it up more with a hose or removing water using the backwash feature on your filter.

5. Proper Closing
Closing your pool properly can go a long way in minimizing how much cleaning you must do when you reopen your pool. It’s imperative that the water level is lowered properly, all of the lines are blown and clear before freezing temperatures hit, and the equipment is shut off. Having your pool winterized can be the difference between you needing to scoop hundreds of leaves out of your pool and needing costly repairs and finding your pool fairly clean and almost ready for use in the Spring!

If you need help with your pool cleaning contact us today to set up our weekly pool services in Buck County so instead of you having to worry about cleaning, you can sit back and enjoy your pool on those beautiful days.