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outdoor patio furniture njAre you in the market to furnish your backyard deck or patio? We understand that the idea of shopping for patio furniture is fun and exciting, but can quickly become overwhelming when you discover the limitless options.

Our goal is to make your shopping experience enjoyable while narrowing down the options for the vision you have for your outdoor living space.

Outdoor Patio Materials

To start, it’s helpful to understand the main materials used to make durable outdoor furniture. The most common materials you can choose from are cast aluminum, extruded aluminum, and outdoor wicker.

Cast aluminum, is just that. Poured into a cast, aluminum is melted down and solidified creating a solid cast piece of furniture. Cast aluminum furniture typically requires the use of an outdoor cushion. Extruded aluminum is heated and bent to create outdoor furniture with a hollow inside. Extruded aluminum furniture is lightweight and will most likely include a sling, which is an outdoor vinyl-like fabric stretched and inserted between the aluminum. Outdoor wicker is a synthetic material weaved onto an aluminum frame designed for outdoor use.

Outdoor fabrics most often come from Sunbrella, or another outdoor fabric mill. Outdoor fabrics are designed to repel water and resist fading over time. Sling furniture is extremely easy to maintain and dries in no-time. Cushioned furniture can be more comfortable than sling creating the feel of an indoor living space right in your own backyard!

Designing Your Space

The most important part of designing your backyard oasis, is figuring out the space you have to work with. Some people have a large, open space. Others have to take into consideration factors like doors, windows, house siding, steps, fencing or railings. Being realistic with your space and having accurate measurements will set you on the path of what you can actually fit in your space.

The next step is to think about what you will use your outdoor space for the most. Do you envision having a space to lounge and read a book? Are you a big entertainer throwing dinner parties throughout the summer? From this point, you can direct your research to dining sets or deep seating.

After you narrow down your selection, you can then dive into the materials we discussed above. There are tons of options for aluminum and wicker dining and deep seating. You can start to have fun choosing frame and fabric colors.

Whatever you envision for your outdoor living space, Mt. Lake Pool & Patio is the best outdoor patio furniture dealer in Bucks and Montgomery Counties. We have over 50 years experience helping people furnish their decks and patios. If you’d like to learn more about the type of furniture we offer or our Annual Warehouse Sale, feel free to contact us today!