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I bet you never thought that the felt on your billiard table would make a difference in the way the game of pool is played. Surprise! Pool felt has everything to do with the planned usage of the billiard table and playing preferences.

In addition to being the number one pool service company in Chalfont, PA, Mt. Lake Pool & Patio also has a full line of custom billiard products ranging from residential felt for children’s recreation to professional tournament grade felt. Customers can choose from a multitude of colors and cloth choices for a completely customized look and feel for their pool table.

Here are two types of felt to consider if you are making a new billiard purchase or re-felting your current table.

Residential Felt

Residential felt is built to last up to 20 years and is usually Teflon coated (which means it can handle light spills.) Over time, residential felt will show “pills’ or small balls of fabric from wear and tear in the material. This felt is extremely affordable and is the best type of felt for families with children. Available in all colors of the rainbow, residential felt is a good option for re-felting your pool table or arts and crafts on a rainy day!

Tourney (Tournament) Felt

If you’re looking for a durable felt for the more avid pool player, tourney felt is the way to go. It’s made of a worsted wool fabric, which means it won’t “pill” like residential felt does. The weaving is tighter, and you can actually see the weaves within tourney felt if you look close enough. You can expect to pay three times as much for tourney felt, as it is made from higher quality materials than residential.

Please understand that whichever felt you decide to go with, it will eventually show signs of wear and will need replacement at some point.

Mt. Lake Pool & Patio stocks many of the industry’s leading brands of pool tables from brands like Garlando, Cutec, and Aramith. We’re not just a pool service company serving Newtown, PA; we offer so much more. Stop by our Doylestown warehouse today, and we will set you up with your dream recreational piece, guaranteed!