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Here at Mt. Lake Pool & Patio, we are much more than your typical pool service company that serves Newtown, Perkasie, Doylestown, and other areas. We offer high-quality pool accessories, equipment, furniture, and during the fall and winter seasons, high-quality indoor gaming equipment and accessories!









So, you can bet we know more than just a thing or two about what you can do to create the ultimate indoor gaming room and experience. In fact, if your new gaming room is furnished, or is just about to be done, here are few things we suggest you consider to make sure that it’s a room where you and your guests will never want to leave.

Optimize the space carefully.

If you know how big your new indoor gaming room will be before it’s finished, we suggest making a “wish list” that contains everything you will want to have in the room. If your list contains a lot of gaming equipment, you need to make sure there are a few feet between games. If you have too many games or equipment, you or some of your guests might feel crowded and uncomfortable.

Consider an “entertainment-friendly” layout. After all, it’s a gaming room.

If your goal is to play games with your guests for a few hours, it might be wise to consider adding multiple televisions, chairs, tables, and even a bar where guests can grab a drink or snack. What’s more, make certain that there is enough light to highlight your awesome gaming tables and equipment.

Select furnishings that can also serve as seating.

Furniture that is easy to grab and move from one area of the room to another (such as stools or ottomans) is great to have so everyone has a seat wherever a game is happening. This way, you won’t have to run upstairs (if you’re in a basement) or to another room, to grab some more chairs.

If you have a gaming room or are just looking for some new billiards, ping pong, poker, or shuffleboard tables to purchase this fall and winter, you can head over to our retail store in a few weeks to check out our latest selection of indoor gaming equipment. We offer products from brands like Cuetec Cues, Venture Shuffleboard, Imperial, and McDermott.









To learn more about what indoor gaming equipment we will be selling, or to schedule pool service at your home in Perkasie, PA or another area, please call us at 215-309-8664, or fill out a contact form right here on our site.