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Shortly after the summer season comes to an end, but before the temperatures drop dramatically in the fall, it’s vital that all swimming pools be ready and closed for the winter season. In fact, when you finally do find the time to close your pool, it’s important to remember that there are some tasks that you must complete to help guarantee the cleanliness of the water, as well as the longevity of your pool and its equipment.

Here is a brief overview of what you must do to close your pool correctly:

The first things you must do to close a pool can be looked at as simple housekeeping duties. You should remove any accessories, handrails, and ladders.

Next, you should skim, brush, and vacuum your pool as thoroughly as possible. Inevitably, the cleaner your pool is when it’s closed, the less cleaning you will have to do when you are ready to open it next spring!lake

Once your pool is cleaned, you should balance your pool’s water chemistry and add any special winterizing chemicals to help ensure the water’s clarity over the next several months. As soon as these tasks are complete and the winterizing chemicals have had time to circulate, you should shut off all of the pool’s equipment, lower the water level to be below the skimmer, disconnect and clean all of the equipment.

The final task – pulling the cover over your pool.

Nothing says “This pool is closed for business” more than a pool that has been covered. While covering your pool should be one of the easiest tasks to complete, many individuals neglect to see the importance of this step. If you perform this task incorrectly or use a pool cover that does not fit your pool’s shape, it can allow debris to get in, or damage the pool itself.

Here at Mt. Lake Pool & Patio, you can rely on us to not only aid you in closing your pool, but you will find that we offer quality pool covers from LOOP-LOC that will withstand the elements. We are proud to offer LOOP-LOC’s Mesh Safety Covers and the brand’s Solid Safety Covers. These covers are manufactured using the highest quality materials and are so strong that even an elephant can walk on them. Plus, both have been proven to block sunlight and stay tight after years of use. If you’d rather have something more simple, we also have a standard solid tarp cover available with water bags.

Whatever cover you choose from us, you have the option of installing it yourself, or having our serve crews do it for you! To learn more about closing your pool or our covers, don’t hesitate to call us, or fill out a contact form right here on our site!