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Modern Tips For Decorating Your Patio This Holiday Season

Your patio is a place that invites you to spend more time outside and offers the convenience of being near all your indoor comforts. You can lounge on your patio in the mornings to sip your coffee or even eat your breakfast while enjoying your decor. This can be especially enjoyable with the right holiday decor. Consider these modern decorating ideas to make your patio even more inviting this season.

Metallic Themes

Using a range of metallic colors on your patio is an excellent option for holiday decorating. Accents of silver, nickel, brass, copper, and iron are all excellent choices for using outdoors while still looking festive.

Some examples would be metallic-colored candles, metal furniture, decorative plates, garlands, or even wreaths. Metallic colors can be used almost anywhere, offering a refined and low-key way to incorporate holiday decor outdoors.

Silver and Gray Scale Inspiration

If you want to keep your holiday decor modern and sleek, try using a grayscale to decorate. This works especially well if you have gray, white, and silver furniture mixed with festive touches here and there. You can make silver and white flower arrangements for patio tables or use silver and white bows and place settings for outdoor tables and chairs. Don’t forget silver and white for candles, napkins, and much more. The gray scale is great for use year-round, too.

White on White Decor With a Red And Green Accent Piece

A really sophisticated and modern patio design idea is to use white on white for patio furniture, table settings, and planters but reserve a spot for a statement piece that’s green and red. For example, you could have a large green and red flower arrangement in the center of your patio table with red and green napkins while using white for everything else.

It makes the colors stand out and creates an impressive design technique. White is ideal for use any time of the year, too, which makes it easy to decorate but adds the most impact.

Blue Theme

Using blue as a holiday theme is very modern and can integrate well with many types of design schemes. If you have a coastal-themed home, the blue matches perfectly. It’s also ideal for country-style decor or even used with sleek, modern black tones.

Try adding blue lights around the patio along with blue furniture cushions, blue floral arrangements, or even mini trees decorated with blue ornaments. The blue can also be used in light and dark variations to add depth and contrast to your patio. Blue is also a very relaxing color that adds a calm and serene feel to your space.

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