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Turning Your Backyard Into A Winter Wonderland

When you think about enjoying your backyard space, the image that comes to mind might be a warm-weather barbecue. But your outdoor space can be just as functional during the winter months with just a little bit of TLC. Here are some ideas to help you create a winter wonderland in your backyard so you can utilize it year-round! 

Add Ambiance 

You can add a few simple decorations or get as creative as you want. Hang twinkling lights on surrounding trees for ambiance or keep your decor low-cost by placing shimmering lights in jars. 

Consider an outdoor fire pit to bring warmth on the chilliest winter nights. Fire pits are easy to use and run with a standard propane tank. With a fuzzy blanket and the crackling of the fire, you can enjoy the brisk temperatures while still staying cozy. If you opt for a fire pit, you can even host weekend gatherings and entertain a group of friends or relatives. 

Use Cozy Outdoor Furniture

Having a place to sit can help you and your guests feel more comfortable while you take pleasure in being outside. Pillows, blankets, and cozy outdoor furniture in Huntingdon Valley will make your outdoor space an irresistible relaxing spot. We have plush sofa sets, loveseats, 6-seater dining sets, and other stylish furniture pieces to help make your winter wonderland as cheerful as possible. You can place aesthetically pleasing furniture near a fire pit, around an outdoor fireplace, or anywhere else you’d like.

Make it Colorful With Winter Plants

Putting pops of color in various spots around your backyard can upgrade your winter wonderland to a higher level. For example, poinsettia plants can make a walkway feel welcoming and bright. The colors of winter jasmine or viola can be brilliant amidst a blanket of snow. Other winter plants you might like to decorate your landscape with are frosty fern, Christmas cactus, rosemary, Norfolk pine, English primrose, pansies, and many others.

Contact a Professional

Enjoying your backyard shouldn’t be seasonal. Allow the team at Mt. Lake Pool to outfit a beautiful winter wonderland for you this season. Contact us today!