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Pros and Cons of Owning A Salt Water Pool

Salt water pools are a healthy and comfortable alternative to the chlorine-filled pools most of us are used to swimming in. There is some general information about salt water pools you should know before making your decision to switch. 

Pro: Salt Water Pools are Nicer to Swim In

The main reason most people switch from chlorine to salt water is that the pool water becomes a soft, ever-so-slightly salty dream to swim in. Salt water pools are kinder to eyes, skin, nails and hair and is often described as “smooth” and “soft” compared to its chlorinated alternative. 

Pro: Salt is Cheaper Than Chlorine

A big misconception is that by switching to a salt water pool, you will no longer need chlorine. That is true in a sense, but not really. Swimming pools still need chlorine to keep the water balanced but by switching to salt water, the salt is used through a process called electrolysis to create chlorine for your pool. Salt is less expensive than chlorine making for a nice change in your pool maintenance budget!

Con: Salt Water Pools are an Investment

It might be cheaper annually to own a salt water pool in the long run, but the initial setup costs can be daunting for some. The initial investment includes the purchase of a salt water generator, as well as labor to complete the installation. What’s more, the salt cell needs to be replaced every 3-7 years. The cost of setting up a salt water pool is gradually offset by the lower cost of operations. Salt water pools are indeed more expensive at first, but chlorine pools have higher annual costs. 

In the longer term, salt water pools may require more maintenance costs every few years, but it is generally less expensive and less work than a chlorinated pool.

Is a Salt Water Pool Right For Me?

If you are tired of that chlorine sting, you should look into switching to salt water. Check out your options with our pool company in Bucks County, offering pool maintenance in Huntingdon Valley and more! It’s easier than you think to get the swimming pool experience you deserve.