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5 Reasons Your Pool Is Cloudy After Vacuuming

If you own a pool, then you know the importance of skimming and vacuuming regularly throughout the season. Cloudy or murky pool water after vacuuming could be normal or an indication that something is wrong. If this happens, don’t panic! There are plenty of reasons why this might happen and we will discuss 5 common ones here:

Temporary Agitation

The act of vacuuming the pool can temporarily agitate debris particles resulting in a cloudy pool. This should clear on its own after you’ve finished cleaning.

Chemical Imbalance

Too much or too little chlorine or an imbalance of pH can cause cloudy or murky water. Be sure to test your pool water regularly to make sure it remains balanced during this process. 

Not Enough Water Flow

If your pool doesn’t have enough water circulation, the debris will not get pulled down to the pump. Make sure the trap and pump baskets are empty and that your pool circulation is running for a minimum of 8 hours each day. 

Poor Pool Filtration

Your filter may be circulating poorly. Make sure the filters are clean and working properly. When the pressure is increased, backwash the filters. We recommend a maximum of 30psi for backwashing. 

If you have a pool and it has become cloudy after vacuuming, follow these tips.

Start by testing your water every week. Next, make sure your filter is clean so that debris does not get stuck in the filter system. If this doesn’t help, try increasing the amount of water flow which will allow more particles to pass through the filtration system before they can settle at the bottom of your pool. Check the circulation system regularly to make sure your pumps and filters are working to the best of their ability. For any other questions about how to keep a clear pool as well as where to find parts related to pools, visit us for pool maintenance in Montgomery County, PA for pool parts and more!