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How to Properly Store Patio Furniture in the Winter

Patio furniture is essential during the summer and spring when people enjoy outdoor recreational activities. Nevertheless, furniture owners still need to take measures to protect their investment even if these furnishings are not as useful during the winter season.

After all, natural elements like snow or ice may damage or decrease the life of your outdoor furniture. Cast aluminum and wicker furniture can withstand the elements but keeping your investment protected properly can help it last for years to come!

Today, we will be discussing when and how to properly store patio furnishings and other deck furniture in Montgomery County, PA during wintertime.

When Is the Best Time To Put Patio Furniture Away?

It is best to prepare outdoor furniture for storage before the first snowfall. Lots of people enjoy using their gas fire pits during the chilly fall months and furniture can remain outside, uncovered during this time. It’s important to get cushions dry and stored inside and the frame covered before freezing temperatures arrive. 

Deep Cleaning Outdoor Furniture Before Storing It

You should clean patio furniture first before putting them in storage for the winter season to prevent mold or mildew from forming.

Our recommendations cater to different types of cleaning methods based on the type of materials the furnishings are made of:

Wood and Wicker: Remove dirt and grime from wicker and wood furniture using water and mild soap. You can clean the cushions the same way but it’s very important to make sure they’re completely dry before storing them inside for the winter. 

Metal and Aluminum: Use a combination of water and soap to provide a general cleaning to the frame. If you notice stains or hard-to-remove spots, you can add a little bit of Clorox to the mixture but make sure it’s heavily diluted with the water and soap mixture.

Plastic: Get rid of stains and dirt from plastic patio tables and chairs by creating a mild cleanser using three tablespoons dishwasher detergent and 1 gallon of warm water.

Where Should Outdoor Furniture Be Stored in the Winter

Outdoor furnishings should be stored and protected in the appropriate ways to keep them safe during the winter.

  • Metal, wood, and wicker furniture can be either stored indoors or left outside with protective covers on top. If your furniture chairs stack, you can do so to save on space!
  • Plastic furniture should be brought inside during the freezing weather.
  • Wrap and store the umbrellas and seating cushions in a waterproof place.
  • Larger furniture and fire pits that need to remain outdoors should be covered to give them protection from ice and snow.

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