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If you’re a pool owner, you may have experience a leak in your pool. You know that your pool is leaking when you keep adding water, even after it rains, and you start noticing mushy spots around the pool or water bills run unusually high. A leaking water pool can have a devastating effect if left untreated. Therefore, it’s crucial to have it fixed as soon as possible. Here are some of the most common causes of swimming pool leaks that we are accustomed to seeing as one of the top Bucks County pool companies.

Structural Damage

Concrete swimming pools are the most durable with a lifespan of several decades. However, these swimming pools are prone to damage by tree roots and settling of the soil, causing cracks and fissures. If you are in the process of buying a home with an old, in ground pool, always make sure to have a trusted pool company do an inspection so you are aware of any potential structural damage.

Broken or Loose Fittings

A problem with pool fittings such as main drainpipes, return line, and skimmer fittings can cause your swimming pool to leak. Check all fittings, including the filter, dial valve discharge, and pool lights for possible leaks. Any broken or loose pool fitting needs fixing or replacement to prevent further water leakage. An experienced swimming pool contractor can help locate and fix the cause of the leak in your swimming pool before it grows into a bigger problem.

Plumbing Problems

A leak in a pool can result from a plumbing problem. A crack or fissure will draw air into the pipes when you turn on the pump and leak the water when you turn off the pump. Any problem with the suction side valves should be fixed to prevent water from leaking.

A leak in a swimming pool can also occur due to the pressure on the poolside. When the pump is on, water flows under high pressure into the swimming pool. Any slight crack on the poolside will leak as long as the pump is running. Most of the leaks occur on glue joints that connect the swimming pool to the pool fittings.

Pipes that run under the swimming pool rarely cause pool leaks. However, these pipes are susceptible to tree root invasion, freeze damage, shifting soils, and to settling decks that damage them. Chlorine can also damage these pipes, which cause them to leak.