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Exterior environments are often overlooked during home renovations and upgrades. Redesigning a porch, deck or patio is a cost-effective project that has a great deal to offer. From plants and awnings to new outdoor patio furniture in Montgomery County, PA a patio upgrade can beautify a home’s exterior without breaking the bank.

Updated Furniture

Outdoor furnishings are designed to be rugged. While tables, chairs and couches are all made to withstand the elements, time can still take its toll. New furnishings can keep things fresh and ensure that patio decor does not become too outdated.

Plants and Greenery

From wall-climbing ivy to flowerpots, plants are the perfect accent item for an outdoor space. Controlling the temperatures, sunlight and even rainfall outdoor plants receive can be a little tricky, so choose your plants with care. Rotating plants in and out depending on the season can also help to keep things fresh throughout the year.

Lighting and Illumination

Home and property owners have a seemingly endless range of outdoor lighting options to choose from. From votive candles and paper lanterns to flood lamps that can illuminate lawns and landscaping, new lighting is an affordable option that can help to redefine an outdoor space.

Outdoor Fire Pits

An outdoor fire pit can help to create a cozy atmosphere. For homeowners who live in colder climates and those who enjoy spending time on their patio after dark, having a fire pit can make things far more comfortable. Lawn torches are another option to consider, especially for those who lack the space needed to maintain an outdoor fireplace.

Fencing and Privacy

Trying to relax in an outdoor space that may be less than secluded can be a bit tricky. A new fence, hedges and other landscaping features that can shield the patio from prying eyes is an idea worth considering.

Awnings and Umbrellas

Covered patios can be enjoyed without having to worry so much about the weather. Table umbrellas or cantilevers are the perfect way to accessorize your patio while also providing shade on those hot, sunny days!


Stonework, concrete and other hardscaping materials can make a handsome addition to a backyard patio. Landscaping borders and walkways that will remain free of mud can often be a worthwhile upgrade. Such additions often cost much less than many homeowners might expect.

Exterior renovations can often be managed for a fraction of the cost needed to cover an interior upgrade. Creating a more stylish and comfortable patio can be the ideal project for those on a budget. New furniture, greenery or even a top-down redesign can all be managed for a price that homeowners may find hard to pass up.