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pool opening company bucks countyPool season – that magical time of year when waking up to a heat wave is easily remedied by a quick dip in your own personal swimming pool. For us in the greater Philadelphia area, the summer season gives us an average of four months of preferred pool weather.

While the opening and closing of your pool will rely partially on the weather, most people agree that May through the end of September is the main swimming pool season. The sooner you schedule your pool opening, the sooner you will be able to relax and enjoy! Opening your pool in April and taking the appropriate steps to clean and maintain your pool can be the difference between it being ready for the first heat wave of May and a green un-swimmable pool.

As a rule of thumb, we’ve always considered Memorial Day Weekend the kickoff to pool season. Most people want their pool open and crystal clear by that weekend for family gatherings and parties. We highly recommend calling to schedule your pool opening as soon as February to reserve dates in April or May. Having your pool opened a couple weeks before Memorial Day Weekend will allow time to adjust the water chemistry and vacuum so your pool is perfect for the first party of the summer.

When Does Pool Season End in Philadelphia & New Jersey?

In the past few years, the summer weather has continued well into the month of October giving us a little bonus of our favorite season. Some people like to heat their pools allowing even more usage during the fall months! We recommend your pool be closed around the end of October.

Be sure to hire your local pool professionals so that your pool is closed properly. Improper pool closure can lead to frozen pipes and damage to expensive pool equipment.

Mt. Lake Pool & Patio is the best pool opening and closing company in the greater Philadelphia area and we help hundreds of clients enjoy long pool seasons each year. If you’d like to learn more about our services and our opening and closing dates, feel free to contact us today!