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When the summer heat is in full swing, a fresh and clean pool can feel like an oasis. While many pools are beautiful and welcoming in their first few years, over time, the colors can fade, cracks can appear in the basin and the pavers around the pool, and tiles can become cracked or fall off.

For some homeowners, a pool renovation can sound like a large undertaking when in reality, it’s rather quick and straightforward for an experienced pool renovations team.

The best part is, not only will you have a seemingly brand-new pool again, but you’ll realize a wide range of added benefits you never realized you would get from renovating your pool. In this post, we’ll share with you five of the incredible benefits of renovating your pool near New Hope, PA.

The first and possibly most obvious benefit is…

Restoring the Welcoming Appearance

The primary reason many people renovate their pools is to restore the pleasant, welcoming appeal it originally had. Whether your pool needs a deep power-wash, coping, tile repair, or pavers, a renovation will enhance the overall feel of the pool so people will want to spend time in it again.

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Creating More Usable Patio Space

Another great benefit of a pool upgrade is that in many cases, replacing or remodeling the patio area around the pool can offer a much larger usable area to relax and host guests. If you wish to fix up your pool, take a look at the surrounding areas and consider expanding your patio to make the most of the space.

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Hosting Guests and Parties

When your pool or patio is dirty or damaged, you probably won’t be inviting many guests over to hang out in the summer. With a newly renovated pool and patio area, you’ll not only feel comfortable inviting guests to your home, but you may even volunteer to host a summer barbecue or family get-together that you would have never hosted otherwise.

Using the Pool at Night

Another great benefit of upgrading your pool is the added features you can install. Pool lighting in one feature that can take your pool from ordinary to extraordinary. No longer will you be limited to swimming in the daylight. Twilight swimming and late-night dips will become a favorite for you and your family when you have pool lighting installed in your pool.

Upgrading for Multi-Seasonal Use

During a pool renovation, we can also install a heat heater for your pool, which will not only improve the comfort of your pool in the summer and at night but will extend the use of your pool well beyond the summer months.

If you live near New Hope, PA, and want to renovate your pool, Mt. Lake Pool & Patio offers convenient and affordable services. Contact us today to discuss the options available for your home.