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As soon as the leaves start falling, or even before, it’s important for you to take the time to close your pool, or have a service crew from a pool service company like Mt. Lake Pool & Patio, come out and get the job done.

Closing a pool can be a lengthy process for some (which is why many ignore doing it until the last minute), but there is no denying that it must get done, and that it should get done the right way. After all, we’re sure that one of the last things you’ll want to deal with a couple of weeks before Memorial Day is a dirty and damaged pool!

There a variety of things you will want to do to help ensure your pool is properly prepared for the colder months, and here are some of them:

A thorough cleaning – Most the time, the first thing you will do is give your pool a good (deep) cleaning. This means you should do what you can to remove all insects, leaves, dirt, and other debris. You will also want to clean out the pool’s pump basket and skimmer, as well.

Adjust the water chemistry – To protect your pool from scale buildup or corrosion, you will need to use a water test kit and then adjust the water to be the recommended pH levels. Then the lines should be blown to remove all water from the pipes.

Disconnect and clean all equipment – Once you’re done cleaning and balancing the water, you should disconnect the filter and pump. Next, you should make sure all water is drained from the pump and clean both that and the filter. If you have a heater, it’s also important that you drain and clean that as well. Depending on the type of cover, the appropriate winterization chemicals should be added.

Place a cover over the pool – The final thing you must do to help ensure your pool is protected is put on a high-quality cover. The cover will not only protect your pool from getting dirty, but it will keep your family and pets protected (so they don’t fall in.)

While we here at Mt. Lake Pool & Patio can certainly help you to close your pool and make sure it lasts through the coldest months of the year, we also offer patio furniture at our Doylestown, PA retail store. Therefore, just because your pool is closed, that doesn’t mean you can’t purchase new patio furniture for your home in New Hope, PA, Warrington, Newtown, etc.! To learn more about us, everything you should do to close your pool properly, how we can help you close it, and the furniture we have that will make your backyard look incredible, please browse our site, or give us a call today.