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image1Mt. Lake Pool & Patio is a family business run by co-owners Michael Stachel Jr. and Kelly White. The business started in the mid 60’s as an authorized service company doing work on residential and commercial pools for Sylvan Pools in the Northeast. Mike Stachel Sr., former owner and founder of Mt. Lake Pool & Patio, had worked as a service technician for Sylvan Pools.

During the early years, the company’s headquarters was in Mike and Arlene Stachel’s kitchen. Within two years time, it grew enough for them to build an office in the basement of their home. The company employed four service technicians and a secretary to help with the phone calls and paperwork. From Maine to Virginia to Ohio, the company was servicing a large geographical area.

Eventually, our customer’s needs drove the company to add a retail business in 1974. The first store opened in an old barn. Soon thereafter, Arlene Stachel, former co-owner and wife of Mike Stachel Sr., found a casual furniture buying market in Chicago. Mt. Lake started forming relationships with outdoor furniture manufacturers and expanded their company.

The pool and spa service grew rapidly, and Mt. Lake became heavily involved with the National Spa and Pool Institute (NSPI). Mt. Lake had three retail locations and a full fledged service company by 1986. Fast forward to present day, and Mt. Lake currently has one location with over 20,000 square feet of retail space and a 30,000 square foot storage warehouse for pool supplies and furniture.

Mt. Lake Pool & Patio’s goal is not only to provide high quality service from our educated and experienced employees, but to develop a positive and caring relationship with every customer. Whether you have the need for a complete pool renovation or a comfortable outdoor living area, Mt. Lake is here to help fulfill your needs.

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